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Develop your project proposal

Explore our instructional videos and materials about preparing your project proposal.

Have a look at the four main steps to developing a good project proposal.  Let us help you with your application.

Build a relevant partnership

The videos explore building a relevant partnership for an Interreg Europe project. They explain:

  • How to identify the common challenges that your project will address
  • How to identify the policy instruments
  • How to identify the improvements that will be made to the policy instruments thanks to your project
  • Who to involve in your project partnership

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Design a project methodology

The videos explore designing a project methodology for an Interreg Europe project. They explain:

  • What is the learning process?
  • How to organise your learning process
  • How to evaluate the performance of your project

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Manage your budget and finances

The videos explore managing your budget and finances for an Interreg Europe project. They explain:

  • General information to prepare your project budget
  • How to plan your project budget
  • The cost categories

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Develop a communication strategy

The videos explore developing a communication strategy for an Interreg Europe project. They explain:

  • How to plan your project's communication
  • The elements of a communication strategy
  • The key communication principles
  • The communication activities you have to include

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Project development webinars

Looking for more information? We ran a series of webinars about project development on 24-27 April 2023. Watch the full webinar recording to get additional tips and clarifications. Each webinar features a set of videos and a Q&A based on questions from the audience. 

The series covers the four main steps of developing your project proposal:

  • Building a relevant partnership
  • Designing project methodology
  • Managing your project budget and finances
  • Developing your communication strategy
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Apply for the call

Let us help you develop your project proposal and join our upcoming call-related events.

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